What is Tring Together?

Tring Together has one simple raison d'etre - making life better and more enjoyable for the residents, businesses, community groups and charities of Tring and the surrounding villages. Tring Together is a charity and its remit is to plan and organise successful events and activities for associations, the business community and for Tring's residents and its visitors.

What we do for Tring

We make good things happen ~

Tring Christmas Festival

The biggest annual event in Tring, which turns our High Street into a magical place for a winter's night. Businesses and charitable organisations all get together to bring the High Street alive with events, offers and activities throughout the town.
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Tring Spring Fayre

A celebration of the coming of spring with a focus on the outdoors and the wonderful countryside around Tring.  Events range from a launch day complete with a petting zoo, walks & talks, the Friends of Tring Church Heritage Family Fun Day and a Spring photo competition.  The Spring Fayre is an opportunity for the community to get together and enjoy some relaxation after the rigours of the winter.
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Tring Summer Carnival 

Tring's Summer Carnival always runs from Thursday to Sunday lunchtime, with the aim of having fun and raising money for local charities.  The highlight is the Saturday Carnival Day which is a great community event for all the family.
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What we do for Tring businesses

BusinessMart - a smarter way of networking and working together

BusinessMart Breakfasts

Monthly meetings where local businesses get together, exchange ideas, listen to presentations and discuss new challenges and opportunities.  We have two different formats; breakfasts at the Nora Grace Hall have a guest speaker whilst the events at the Akeman are enlivened by some speed networking.  We are famous for being welcoming and friendly.
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BusinessMart Briefings

A series of evening presentations giving practical hands-on advice in a 'surgery' setting.
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What we do for Tring Community Groups and Charities.

Community Get-Togethers

Three times a year we organise an event where representatives of local community groups, clubs and charities can get together to meet each other. We typically get 30 organisations attending, ranging from the arts, to sports groups to local churches to local schools. Any organisation is welcome to attend and the meetings are sociable, friendly and enable local groups to talk about their aims, their events and their members.
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Community Update.

Every month we publish, to members of the group, an electronic update of news, important dates and other items can be communicated simply, easily and in a coordinated manner.
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Community e-calendar

Tring Together's community calendar is a planning mechanism which helps all organisations coordinate and plan their dates and activities to avoid clashes and duplication. Click here to go to the calendar.

Become a member of Tring Together.

Tring is your town.  By joining together with other residents we can make it an even better place to live.

As a self-funded operation we need your help and support.

Tring Together organises regular events and activities for the whole community.   The annual Spring Fayre, Summer Carnival and Christmas Festival are all brought to you by Tring Together along with special events like Charter 700 celebrations, Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, Tring's Job Show, WWI 100 years commemoration and many more.

Join Tring Together for just £10 a year per individual or £20 for a family, and as well as the feel good factor, there is the opportunity to take part in new initiatives and activities and to make your own thoughts and feelings known about life in your town.

For further information about joining Tring Together or if you would like to volunteer for any events, please contact info@tringtogether.org.uk


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* Tring Together is registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales No. 1152858